About LifeTapFrequently Asked QuestionsWhat is LifeTap?How can I sign up?How do I delete my account?There’s a missing movie/tv show, how do I report it?How does it work?What is the compatibility score?I love LifeTap. How can I help?How Is This Different From Other Movie Review Platforms?Are you spending more time searching for movies and shows than actually watching them? LifeTap is an AI powered movie and TV show recommendations app. It recommends movies and shows fitting to your personality. The best part of LifeTap is the group recommendation feature. So next time you want to watch a movie or show with your friends, family or loved ones, just use Lifetap and make hassle free decisions.You can use Google, Apple or Email sign up methods.(1) Login to the app, (2) click on the edit button below your profile image (3) select delete my profile.Send the IMDB link of the missing item to email, contact [at] lifetap-ai [dot] com.When you sign up, LifeTap asks you some questions to determine your personality and your taste. The onboarding process takes less than 2 minutes and allows the Artificial Intelligence to sketch your personality type. Why personality? From scientific research, we know that personality is one of the main drivers for group decisions. LifeTap calculates a score indicating how compatible a movie or show is based on your personality and friends you have selected to watch the movie or show with.Whether you’re into development, marketing, investing, or just want to share suggestions, we’re always looking for more manpower and more help. Contact us to find out about the latest open projects.Unlike other movie review and recommendation platforms that are peer based, LifeTap uses AI and consensus theory to provide you recommendations when you are by yourself and with your friends. Back to home